1. Prologue

Passions in life are alive; passion is a verb. This is a game of nonchalant hope giving way to inexorable metaphysics. Working on a foundation of two basic principles to understand the nature of infinity, I realized that I could not search for the answer. Philosophical considerations have lead me to believe that one cannot go on a treasure hunt for higher ground. The problem with hunting falls on the inherent unde ... Continue Reading

Idea Toy

Contents 1. Prologue 2. Preparing The Game Board & Movement Of The Pieces 3. Interpreting Results 4. Some Example Schemes – A Starting Point 5. An Abridged Version Of The Game * I wrote Idea Toy some time ago. Perhaps I wouldn’t write it the same today–sometimes (as most anyone that looks back at old writing knows) portions feel cringe-worthy. Nevertheless its fun quality, in terms of p ... Continue Reading