Compilation of Politics Past

I logged a timeline of public news information about the deeds and direction of those leading our Canadian federal government from 16 October 2008 through 2012. That log was on my Web site named Conserving Memory ( I hoped to maintain an archive in critical blog format for public memory, which could be reviewed for context as new events unfolded. Now it’s 2013 and I don’t want to put the effort into that particular documentation/critique project anymore, so I closed that blog and removed most of its old content.

I’ve preserved that content in this PDF document (155 pages of posts and links).

My goals were to maintain or improve awareness of the strategies and perspectives of those carrying-out various political agendas, as well as critique various issues of current interest. I made the site public hoping it would not only be useful for review or research, but to get critical feedback and ideas from of others. I’ve preserved the majority of the content from the blog, in this document. I also saved a huge quantity of articles, news, and other relevant research, which illustrates and serves as a reference for the events that I wrote about. Although there are links to those references in the PDF document, some may no longer be present on the Web. Feel free to contact me and I will send a copy of those for further research or critique (within the scope of copyright fair dealing).

I copied my content directly from the blog to the PDF document and have put little effort into reformatting it. Still, perhaps it will be useful as commentary, research, or for other critical purposes related to events of the last several years in Canadian politics.

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