3. Interpreting Results

All schemes played should be done with the intent solely on the play of the game. One can thus be concerned only with the action of the moment. All future occurrences are experienced in the exuberance of surprise, and only as the moment becomes present. Past and future cease to be considerations. The detachment from conscious reality sends players to that foggy, electrical, inner and outer space. That place where ... Continue Reading

2. Preparing The Game Board & Movement Of The Pieces

Begin like any other game. Set up the playing board as follows: A) Imagine a large globe shape. Imagine this shape in a forever-constant expansion. Imagine this expansion as omni-directional. The purpose of set “A,” is to engage the mind in a preliminary state of infinite understanding. To reach this preliminary stage it is necessary to have constant action a primary center of focus. Note that the p ... Continue Reading

1. Prologue

Passions in life are alive; passion is a verb. This is a game of nonchalant hope giving way to inexorable metaphysics. Working on a foundation of two basic principles to understand the nature of infinity, I realized that I could not search for the answer. Philosophical considerations have lead me to believe that one cannot go on a treasure hunt for higher ground. The problem with hunting falls on the inherent unde ... Continue Reading

Idea Toy

Contents 1. Prologue 2. Preparing The Game Board & Movement Of The Pieces 3. Interpreting Results 4. Some Example Schemes – A Starting Point 5. An Abridged Version Of The Game * I wrote Idea Toy some time ago. Perhaps I wouldn’t write it the same today–sometimes (as most anyone that looks back at old writing knows) portions feel cringe-worthy. Nevertheless its fun quality, in terms of p ... Continue Reading