Ban Publicizes Gravel’s Pink, Blue, and You!

Élise Gravel creates wonderful children’s books. A recent one, discussing gender stereotypes (Pink, Blue and You! / Le rose, le bleu et toi!) has been facing some outcry in the US, with parents complaining to libraries, etc. However, attempts to ban this book may perhaps bring it more recognition. Yesterday, Manon Massé (Québec Solidaire) got a motion adopted by all parties in Québec’s National ... continue reading


Harper’s Conservatives have been cutting away at Library and Archives Canada but now a number of articles are pointing out how they’re trashing and burning irreplaceable science documents. The Tyee has a detailed piece here and Boing Boing here These acts are so shameful and ... continue reading

A right for privacy is getting confused with…

A right for privacy is getting confused with a “right” to censor. I think there is a point when a person puts something into the public’s grasp that it ceases to adhere to that person’s control. This article on French archivists makes a case against extending some types of privacy control. That’s not to say that we don’t need better privacy rules. A lot of information gets abused ... continue reading