E-books: New Experiences and Problems with Access

I first read an e-book a few years ago when I decided to see how War and Peace felt on my phone. Engrossing. And probably no less so than it is on paper. Now I like both paper books and e-books but the spread of e-books is about more than just enjoying them or not. The introduction of e-books (among other digital content) changed the interactions and responsibilities of publishers, authors, academics, librarians, g ... Continue Reading →

Compilation of ConMem.ca Politics Past

I logged a timeline of public news information about the deeds and direction of those leading our Canadian federal government from 16 October 2008 through 2012. That log was on my Web site named Conserving Memory (conmem.ca). I hoped to maintain an archive in critical blog format for public memory, which could be reviewed for context as new events unfolded. Now it’s 2013 and I don’t want to put the effo ... Continue Reading →