World Psychedelics Day 2023

Today is World Psychedelics Day (June 20th). This is a good time to talk more about the importance of the research, which has reinvigorated in recent years—in my opinion especially with psilocybin mushrooms. I’ll take this opportunity to recommend two books, which I’ve been enjoying. The first is Chris Letheby’s “Philosophy of Psychedelics,” which is a collection of enjoyable and th ... continue reading

All Possible Objects

On the table top, and in the barely dark, dry and not imposing any urgency. I looked at marbles today. Swirling lake reflections of spirals, cat eyes, and occasional small bubbles. A white background of no consequence, pushing through the imperfect glass. One marble chipped here or there. You touch such things by rubbing a thumb against the angular flat outsider of a surface. Leibniz, all making possibilities, as t ... continue reading