A Crate of Telegraph Legacy

from an old creaking store-front in a row of many others each stocked with man, woman, candy, and woven or wooden crafts. (of their own hands, probably) with faces, eager but friendly for seasonal sales and lugubrious lingerers. Back of each front, store doors swing in for haste. barterers' shelves, sturdily-built so that stores and supplies bemoan their differences, a cleaning bottle, damp ... continue reading

Taiwan Pink-Restaurant

A mismatch sits windowside across from us. the man's agony, unspoken, Rests inside the clasp of his hands. Rude position in the public, pink place. but No rules for this. she (mirroring) orders - but silent toward his Crumpled posture: elephantine. Waiter not waiting, -they wait not moving. he at table, she at him exchanging blinks, both. she looks windowside they ... continue reading


Blackberry covers overflood years emerging from creek bed side. soles, youth scuffle over waiting god-leaking Pebbles. Cyclical: Sun arcs Illusions: Fore given, forgetting pebbles A maze meant, but for the good of all of us leap into the arc, illusions. waiting for blackberries, that's not human not anymore. ... continue reading

Eavesdropping on the Roots of Sarcasm

Dropping quarters on the Heads of the homeless, "Doesn't it look sunny in the city?" (the flesh can be torn so easily) or these two, "Is Taylor still a doctor there?" "Yes. Dr. Taylor." But, the most earnest thing happened outside, just outside Dream Fluff Doughnuts, slouched on his plastic, raving seat he'd, "Good morning." Plum ... continue reading

Before an Unexpected Camel Race

One street, First for bars, old speakeasies - stuck thumb prints in modernity's Rust lipped bilge-boxes. Flappers burst into just as fast fleeting from world an apparition that presides once-in-awhile in a now come to excite this Late night sophisticates its inbred nullity, amid negative ion airlets (snuck from end of First) which möbius-moth their way through every do ... continue reading


five men sitting in a red-orange room. vinyl creaks comfortably One - cleans wax out of an ear with a finger. Another's shoelace (that always does) comes untied. Another stares at garbage cans lining Tuesday's streets. Another puts eyes through a window, where air glistening heat surrounds a motorcycle. Another just leaves a chair empty. The waitress brings breakfast to the first. ... continue reading

Undone Unwant

Out of the scorn of flush magnitude laughter, inflated like the Round gloss beetle backs whetted personality parts entropic stocks stacked for every wandering sucker enter do you need to impale sentimentality with charity? suck down your hoursdrain Salesmen fade edging unfamiliar material Out from their lives. ... continue reading


winds blow it all away Surrounding an unworn soul, the country's insides siphon fluid structures... family, labor, desire and for no time, place. Listless leaves and pan blue come, nestle arm-like, bruise-trodden faces still gleaming against blows breathy embrace takes it away. ... continue reading

Yucca Brevifolia

Without motion, my way eclipses driven with desperation. Nine hours, eight hours, four more before Decent to the overburdened valley. At such time the crux of burden subsiding just into solar sleep. Another eight hours, likely less. The night before, we could have been lazily methodical or without concern as we acted, though we weren't because plant toxins vividly put-out the vacant sun. Furthe ... continue reading

Reflection of the Sovereign

when seasons descend our streets, cats tiger'd by schizophrenia shed color-- disrobing leaves. Our streets solidify in merits of Passage while our steps never land ahead of praise we proffer ourselves. The prey that Drives itself, infused with Now ekstases, we unbury relic caves, lost languages-- Selves struck down ... continue reading

Last Holiday

Travel asks about itself. Directions take us and we direct less than we know. Snow drifting where prescience picked up mobility, it seeds cold strategy Passing over too-fast Routes anyone fits this downdrift. No temperature. strolling, we touch little guides ice-charmed handrails, calls from doubled entrances, and replicas of the first Indications warm a returned wan ... continue reading

To Head Home

Bird-dance white she, the unheeding woman Rhythm but Everyone else stands or sits. Along a divide of people high-hums old spirit metal premises made new for commuters. A group stares down minding the rails, knowing the rails just Wait. from one heaven angle two Parallels bare sweating rails. emergent rustup the heaven angle, backward Parallel from the ground. down in reverse as ... continue reading

Worm ‘N’ Shiny Shampoo

keep out of the reach of eyes. heavy bleeding is a natural side effect. plus sized models should not use if pregnant or hungry. you will now only drink coke, for it is your favorite beverage! many and tar build-up lack of wash with bleachistry ng gheovn do tss bottesn rf. WORM’N’SHINY COCKTAIL! 6-gallons worm’n’shiny 1-tbls coke 1-gallon worm’n’shiny mix 1-signed 20 year subscri ... continue reading