Meditation, Passage Climbing a Good Hour

On the night before, I slept very little to ensure I’d sleep the next night. That next night held a flight–an entire night mixed up with invisible hands batting our poor vessel about the sky. Piano sound carries itself winking uponaround three flights of interwoven logs: Trees petrified in preservation of paint and stoic service. It floats into round-edged crevices, fitting log upon, ... continue reading

Scorching Sun Express Post

With deep voices, camels crawl systematically on a wire that stretches from our start to their finish. We paid for tickets and laundered the first money to get rid of our dirty pockets. Because an urban rhythmist said that some understand, we’d thought we could ride these camels into the sunset. We also signed up for a cruise. It was a green cruise we were told–meaning we’d travel through forests ... continue reading