I am not an expert at the following ten items. I am unlikely to become an expert at these because I bear no desire for expertise at these, much less much else. Slavery without adhesive Collecting litres of mud Pirate ideas Prognosticating the colours of life or the wailing songs thereof Forgetting all the unwanted premonitions Ice impermeable to slippery children Commissioned murders Round quarters Neutral drugs t ... continue reading

Fourteen Things to Do with a Drunken Slipper

1) Knock (together) on the side of a fishtank–they won’t mind, even at 2 AM 2) Puddles, immersive treatments to all the world’s puddles 3) Treat it to a bedtime story 4) Show the crook of your shoulder to a good friend and the slipper; then they’ll have something in common 5) Lie down outside someone else’s disco and watch the stars 6) Buy it a habanero pepper, on you 7) X-Ray its inna ... continue reading

Some History from the Back Pocket

I keep a small, spiral-bound notepad in my left back pocket. No, I’ve kept many. I’ve done this for years. Looking back, I’m not always sure what I’ve written or why, but I save them. A collection of a few of the pages: 23 July 1998 – First words with the Fisher Space Pen. Do we need a new scientific method? This Saturday, Mary’s Birthday. 25 July 1998 – Find out the pronu ... continue reading

Observation Linkages 1

My wife is a professional at human emotions. Humans believe that which other humans tell them. James quoted Smith, saying a door in the hall lost its hinge pin. Smith agreed with himself while historically throwing a hinge to roving garbage collectors. If streets roam, their participants stray. 1906 infamously smoulders on the pages of records of hooligans and other street scoundrels. Because Earth requires the bl ... continue reading