Interpersonal Telescopic

Starting off in the distance, where the gelatinous ocean rose in spots and dipped in others, waves rolled. Each following another as it finally dispersed itself into the fine sandy shore. One wave followed another but each grew again in the same place. It was impossible to follow one and not feel it also somehow slipped back to where it started–rolling like stripes on an old barbershop pole. She sat on her to ... continue reading

Reading Jules et Jim on My Balcony

Neither young nor old, as Hispanic melodies reverberate from a temporary sunday's Colombie in the park, A man and woman South heading a little way. arms Full of boxes (two each) filled with thick glass Clicks, in lock step with their side-by-side gait. (Black pansies and rose begonias rustle near my toes, using their surrounding breath fronds to intermittantly tick ... continue reading