Idea Toy

1. Prologue

Passions in life are alive; passion is a verb. This is a game of nonchalant hope giving way to inexorable metaphysics. Working on a foundation of two basic principles to understand the nature of infinity, I realized that I could not search for the answer. Philosophical considerations have lead me to believe that one cannot go on a treasure hunt for higher ground. The problem with hunting falls on the inherent understanding that what is being hunted is an unknown or a previously known thing that is now missing or forgotten. The many reasons preceding the hunt can overwhelm the hunter with distractions (also known as clues) so that the hunter fails to realize he’s been encompassing the path all along. This game works on the principle of everything that “is,” is –“ and that everything is available for experiencing. It is the initiation of conscious thought that ignites in us (strictly from a human standpoint) the curiosity to ask for answers about the nature of life. The asking-action, functions as a device of our consciousness. Realize that performing the act of accepting what is already known, allows one to be initiated to the non-answer of pure existence.

Ultimately philosophy is derived from the quest for knowing death while still living. The state of death is a major sort of occurrence our conscious minds have not developed the instruments to probe yet. In our limited logic we tend to think we know something by contrasting it with something we consider an opposite. We often make groupings of like occurrences. We know good by knowing evil, white by black, and life by death. Checking ourselves we see that if a condition doesn’t fall under one sort of situation it must be the other. There are always more options and possibilities existing that we don’t ever begin to be aware of for consideration. All are unique to their nature as interconnected parts of everything else. This is part of what I term the Infinite Plurality of One, or IPO. This game will enable the player to make choices without choosing singular answers. Playing this game will result in the construction of IPOs and thereby lead the player or players to some intriguing states of mental activity. As a final note before playing, I ask the reader(s) to playfully take a leap of faith and completely immerse oneself in the activity as it is described. Think as if one were an actor trying to come to such a full understanding of his part that he temporarily forgets his previous identity in lieu of the act.

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