Last Little Fascination

Hot sun and oh, a band of round rubber! There on the ground, stretching I, down and I can reach it. Another rubber band for me. This hot day would’ve broken it. The edges, on days like this, get cracks if they’ve ever been rained on. And then it will stop being elastic. When I stretch it, it won’t snap back to its oval—it will stay and then break apart. I won’t stretch this one. It’s ... continue reading

Tip of My Fingers

Last night I discovered I can taste through my fingers. I brewed some tea from boldo leaves, green tea, and kombucha. While waiting for it to cool to a drinkable temperature, I passed my left hand through the steam. I like the downy accumulation of dampness, the almost-burn of heat. I relaxed my eyes, letting the focus blur with the steam passing around my fingers. My finger tips didn’t just feel warm though, ... continue reading

Interpersonal Telescopic

Starting off in the distance, where the gelatinous ocean rose in spots and dipped in others, waves rolled. Each following another as it finally dispersed itself into the fine sandy shore. One wave followed another but each grew again in the same place. It was impossible to follow one and not feel it also somehow slipped back to where it started–rolling like stripes on an old barbershop pole. She sat on her to ... continue reading


“Bring your meditations, I’ll have a great bowl of fruit.” … At the cliff, the two sat, legs dangling from the edge but feeling neither worry nor agitation. It was far enough to the bottom for fate to pronounce its name–but not so far that people lost their detail. Waves rolled toward the base of the cliff but lacked the ambition to reach it. Jack and Kathi, looking past their feet, co ... continue reading

A Park, One Time, was but Three Steps from Memory

Jesus, I was just going about my business. I get a lot done–or I try to anyway, but I get blind sometimes. I don’t mean I have problems with my eyes, which actually I do, but that I forget what I am. I forget the whole business, just the whole world. It just goes on without me remembering to be the part of it that I am. Then there they came, greening down around me. A benevolent insect flutter. In thei ... continue reading

Night Three Morning Four

Julie and I were special agents. We were in New Brunswick, Canada, in the winter. We were searching for some sort of entity – and had only a vague notion of what it was. We were inside a small sort of lab space, somewhat on a primitive scale. A smaller window allowed a vast field of snow; in a half-circle shape from our vantage point. The field was encompassed by tall, dark, trees that had lost their leaves i ... continue reading