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This Phy-d’eau web site houses some of my writing and creative endeavours. I also like thinking about intellectual liberty, knowledge over the long term, as well as social, cultural, and political critique. I’m Joshua Chalifour. I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada and I work as an academic librarian at Concordia University.

I launched the phydeau.org site in August 1998 and with a different purpose than it has today. Some of the creative experimentation I’d used it for is still here, quite old, and not necessarily representative of my current writing or thinking. It’s useful to consider change, even when it provokes cringing, so I leave some things.

For more, take a look at my Know Fore blog (minding information and abetting research), which tends to focus on work-related themes (digital scholarship librarian / journalism & communication studies librarian). In a different realm, see the abstract strategy board game, Adomoc, which I conceived and developed with my friend, Mike Keigher. UnKindness Of Ravens is an old experimental music ensemble.

My epic will be a taxonomy of invisible rules that enable, starting with birth. Enjoy.


Phy-d’eau | Chroknowlogy
(creative pursuits, ethical care of knowledge)

Know Fore blog
(minding information, abetting research)

Adomoc International
(abstract strategy board game)

UnKindness Of Ravens