Peek of Exchange While trees cite sky and sky golds, surrender, solar abandon, to beatitude! Behold below, the escaped blue arboretum! Departing Dimensions Toward vertex, a vapour marble rides its chimera of fibrous wind and heroic solitude. Clearing of the Lucid Balloon Whether nighttime rises or falls, between its borders echo a flotilla of twilight. ... continue reading

Type Write

Ever thought about a typewriter? The kind of thinking where you separate it all out, making it type writer. Then go on with type, just on its own. Type, type is what you see right here, in front of you. It’s a type of type too. Times, probably. Times type. What type of thinking is that? The type you think all the time. The type that differentiates. Two verbs go with it. There’s the type that you read bu ... continue reading

Scorching Sun Express Post

With deep voices, camels crawl systematically on a wire that stretches from our start to their finish. We paid for tickets and laundered the first money to get rid of our dirty pockets. Because an urban rhythmist said that some understand, we’d thought we could ride these camels into the sunset. We also signed up for a cruise. It was a green cruise we were told–meaning we’d travel through forests ... continue reading

Coin in the Road

Sometimes I notice I’ve found a coin on the ground. Then I feel like there’s no reason to pick it up. Someone else might need it more than I. But then there’s that car with the naked driver that idles too loudly. I’m afraid it will hit me as soon as I try to pick up the coin. Good thing I leave it for someone else. ... continue reading