The Typewriter As a Drawing Tool

This person, Keira Rathbone, creates some really impressive art using a typewriter. The video shows her rolling the paper back-and-forth while striking keys harder or softer to create different layers of subtlety. The end results look a little like a cross between computer-made ASCII art and a hand-drawn sketch. ... continue reading

Little Bang Theory

Your evening merits being suspended in the tale that is the Little Bang Theory performance (as I was, last night at Theatre Aujourd’hui). You, whoever you are reading this, if you’re in Montreal you still have a chance to see it. Little Bang Theory‘s current project consists of a sensually magnetic two-person dance (choreographed by Hanako Hoshimi-Caines with Louise-Michel Jackson); infused with a ... continue reading

Aesthetic Transformation

“Ugly! Eyesore! How could people think it was a good idea?” A giant slab of concrete in the middle of the outer edge of the park. For shame, city! This was no sculpture, I thought. Monument between Parc La Fontaine and Sherbrooke Why preserve and move the edge of a utilitarian-designed building to the park? If the rest of the building had been demolished, why save this? What a hoax this artist made. Eve ... continue reading

Dear Ms. Brown

My Dear Ms. Brown, It was very nice to see you after being away for the last few years. I just returned from a walk and felt compelled to write to you after reflecting on what we were discussing at your party last week. Continue reading “Dear Ms. Brown” ... continue reading