Reminiscing on Those Bastard Souls

Remembering, I guess a night in 1996. Without expectations, a friend and I saw Those Bastard Souls open at a small venue in San Francisco. They were one of three bands, not headlining, and their performance stood out. I bought their “Twentieth Century Chemical” CD on the spot. Over 20 years later, whenever I occasionally play it, I remain impressed at how perfectly it hits the mark. Yet they seem to hav ... continue reading

Sublime Tree Compositions

My new favourite music: trees. Bartholomäus Traubeck used tree rings as though they were records. I’d love to experiment with that technique. This article explains more. You can download the whole album here The Ash is intense. ... continue reading

Little Bang Theory

Your evening merits being suspended in the tale that is the Little Bang Theory performance (as I was, last night at Theatre Aujourd’hui). You, whoever you are reading this, if you’re in Montreal you still have a chance to see it. Little Bang Theory‘s current project consists of a sensually magnetic two-person dance (choreographed by Hanako Hoshimi-Caines with Louise-Michel Jackson); infused with a ... continue reading

Listening to Grappelli

Grappelli is in a corner of the apartment his sound pervades the place, though He evades it completely. like he slipped in when the curtains wavered forward like his notes slip past their green cloth corners. --he's in the room I'm watching the curtain swing some more. Grapelli smiles a little with fingerish ease. the curtains role-- manifesting rainslick surprise, Grappelli ... continue reading