Meditation, Passage Climbing a Good Hour

On the night before, I slept very little to ensure I’d sleep the next night. That next night held a flight–an entire night mixed up with invisible hands batting our poor vessel about the sky. Piano sound carries itself winking uponaround three flights of interwoven logs: Trees petrified in preservation of paint and stoic service. It floats into round-edged crevices, fitting log upon, ... continue reading


When he was a boy, he’d accompany one parent or another to banks, convenience stores, hardware stores, places queueing people to exchange money for whatever it was worth. He’d stand by the counter waiting to be noticed. Sensible, he waited in line, not interrupting, rocking from heel to toe to heel. Sometimes grownups pushed ahead and he continued to wait. Clerks didn’t know he was waiting, a part ... continue reading

Breath Wanders, Wonder Visits

One morning, driving along the river, outside my neighbourhood, I witnessed the rapid welcome of a brilliant, melancholy, antique cloud. It descended at an angle from the unlimited above, with its measure of a western direction. I wanted to stop. At 7:00 in the morning with no temperature, few people appear on the street. A homeless man, waiting for warm coffee forgot about warmth and stood to face the cloud. Peopl ... continue reading

Observation Linkages 1

My wife is a professional at human emotions. Humans believe that which other humans tell them. James quoted Smith, saying a door in the hall lost its hinge pin. Smith agreed with himself while historically throwing a hinge to roving garbage collectors. If streets roam, their participants stray. 1906 infamously smoulders on the pages of records of hooligans and other street scoundrels. Because Earth requires the bl ... continue reading

Reading Jules et Jim on My Balcony

Neither young nor old, as Hispanic melodies reverberate from a temporary sunday's Colombie in the park, A man and woman South heading a little way. arms Full of boxes (two each) filled with thick glass Clicks, in lock step with their side-by-side gait. (Black pansies and rose begonias rustle near my toes, using their surrounding breath fronds to intermittantly tick ... continue reading

Scorching Sun Express Post

With deep voices, camels crawl systematically on a wire that stretches from our start to their finish. We paid for tickets and laundered the first money to get rid of our dirty pockets. Because an urban rhythmist said that some understand, we’d thought we could ride these camels into the sunset. We also signed up for a cruise. It was a green cruise we were told–meaning we’d travel through forests ... continue reading

An Inclusion of Strangers because of a Dog’s Joke

A surprising inclusion happened during a brief moment on a small corner of sidewalk. As Heather and I walked toward the cross-street, a couple walked toward us. A woman stood on the sidewalk, facing her shop’s window. Its overflowing wooden rectangle of flowers drooped a degree toward the street. She kept a hose running lightly at their bases. She focused. Tied to a signpost at her back, a cream furred dog sa ... continue reading

Coin in the Road

Sometimes I notice I’ve found a coin on the ground. Then I feel like there’s no reason to pick it up. Someone else might need it more than I. But then there’s that car with the naked driver that idles too loudly. I’m afraid it will hit me as soon as I try to pick up the coin. Good thing I leave it for someone else. ... continue reading