Tadoussac Urchin

And how fitting you are, urchin, for the first of the found. It’s been a rough day? All spiked and broken green quills drooping like some tired eyelids. The day started lulling like any other, I’ll bet. A back and forth like home-sweet-home, just the way rhythms work with littler things getting eaten by the bigger things, only to find themselves washed up. Your appetite was no less a part of this. Crawl ... continue reading

Dear Ms. Brown

My Dear Ms. Brown, It was very nice to see you after being away for the last few years. I just returned from a walk and felt compelled to write to you after reflecting on what we were discussing at your party last week. Continue reading “Dear Ms. Brown” ... continue reading


“Bring your meditations, I’ll have a great bowl of fruit.” … At the cliff, the two sat, legs dangling from the edge but feeling neither worry nor agitation. It was far enough to the bottom for fate to pronounce its name–but not so far that people lost their detail. Waves rolled toward the base of the cliff but lacked the ambition to reach it. Jack and Kathi, looking past their feet, co ... continue reading

Falling Honey-sun-day’s Perspective

Between bold last leaves seeps the play of sun. {-} Afternoon autumn, still supporting leaves: their greatest glory d'composition I cast myself without self between, on and through and so all around. Rhythmically, slowly (in innocence of every good word beginning with "b") Riding up--through, the bicyclist: "le merveilleux peuple..." Rhythmically repeating on the rotation of a wheel. So many people ... continue reading

A Park, One Time, was but Three Steps from Memory

Jesus, I was just going about my business. I get a lot done–or I try to anyway, but I get blind sometimes. I don’t mean I have problems with my eyes, which actually I do, but that I forget what I am. I forget the whole business, just the whole world. It just goes on without me remembering to be the part of it that I am. Then there they came, greening down around me. A benevolent insect flutter. In thei ... continue reading

Listening to Grappelli

Grappelli is in a corner of the apartment his sound pervades the place, though He evades it completely. like he slipped in when the curtains wavered forward like his notes slip past their green cloth corners. --he's in the room I'm watching the curtain swing some more. Grapelli smiles a little with fingerish ease. the curtains role-- manifesting rainslick surprise, Grappelli ... continue reading

Not Nausea

One day we walked from our homes and in our Terror the Raw world disjointed our knees. Hands slipped from our wrists attracted to radiance, which is; and blood, the faucet of is, stopped Itself, an evaporous ink, dried, of the funny valour it once bestowed on avarice. Some plucked it from veins like so many ripe cherries-- little deep rose deities. The ... continue reading

Bits – 2002

An Old Photo Everyone is part of the tease, automatic-climbing and moving along some ways, which aren’t real, they simply follow each “ohh.” Nothing’s ever there, but rain and the sound of a street lamp giving itself to a pedestrian. In The Lot Car Salesman 1: I’m talking about the loudspeakers of the 1920s. Car Salesman 2: (with urgency & running toward CS1) No! We’ve got to ... continue reading