Too Many Birds in Montréal?

Suppose there were no rules in the parks? Anything could happen–public indecency, everyday, right there and exposed to our eyes.

I discovered that we have rules in our parks and they’re very easy to understand. I recently developed some film–a roll from several months ago that I’d forgotten. One photo captures a modern sort of rosetta stone on public park behaviour,

No Bird Sex
I think I can explain the sign thus:

  • No rollerblading
  • No skateboarding
  • No cars
  • No bicycles
  • No dogs
  • No mating birds

A drastic measure maybe, but not so different from countries that have chosen to ban the reproduction of certain plants. In any case, I expect scofflaws will take flight the moment police try to enforce the ban.

It’s strictly non aux oiseaux.

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