Bits – 2002

An Old Photo

Everyone is part of the tease, automatic-climbing and moving along some ways, which aren’t real, they simply follow each “ohh.” Nothing’s ever there, but rain and the sound of a street lamp giving itself to a pedestrian.

In The Lot
Car Salesman 1: I’m talking about the loudspeakers of the 1920s.
Car Salesman 2: (with urgency & running toward CS1) No! We’ve got to save the heart and soul!

When you see that I’ve figured something out, I’ll say I’ve been waiting patiently for you to show me the way. Do you know the way? If you tell me you don’t know the way, I’ll wonder why you believe I figured it out. What does it, is that graffiti on the bathroom wall. It’s telling everyone.

Photograph I took of the Stinson, California horizon from a cliff by the ocean.

Rotate to the right a bit, zoom in, and what exactly is it that you see? Can you tell?

We got the glorified nuances out but our peers keep checking for more. It’s shiny and there’s not much smoke. Heidegger and Gadamer–philosophers engaged in manual labor.

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