Bedtime Considerings: Box, Mole, Pi

These come along usually just at the point where I’ve hugged then tucked the (now) six-year-old in and said goodnight. He considers things and there is always another to tell me before I go.

“You know, some people think this is true. Some people think that if you have a big box it can hold more things than a little box. But it’s not true. If you have a little box but the things you put inside are also little, it might fit more things than a big box with very big things in it.”

Another night:

“You have a mole on your tooth and it is the king of light.”

Another night:

“You know John Markley [ed: my guess at the spelling, he didn’t specify]? My imaginary friend that is a superhero? He can count from 1 to the end of Pi. And when I’m older he’s going to teach me how.”


“Did you know why robots don’t pee? Because it would be oil and they need oil for energy.”

“What time is it now where Andrew lives? [In Madrid’s timezone as opposed to ours–this one gets asked a lot]”

Another night:

Scissors copied from Melissa Sweet's book "Some Writer! : The Story of E.B. White."
Scissors copied from Melissa Sweet’s book “Some Writer! : The Story of E.B. White

We looked at an image of scissors in a book. Their handles have been coloured-in rainbow and the kid comments: “Ohh! I would like those.”

I say: “Yeah, they’re cool but how could you use them? There aren’t any holes to put your fingers through.”

Six-year-old (now indignant): “No! You don’t understand! Your fingers go in another universe!”

Me: “Ohh.”

Kid: “But your head stays here.”

Another night (27 October 2017):

Just after tucking him in to bed…

Kid: “You’re a very nice organism.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Kid: “Am I a nice organism?”

Me: “The best organism.”

Another night (28 October 2017):

Kid: “What’s enchanted mean?”

Me: “It’s when someone else does something that makes you not able to help yourself and need to do what they want.” I realize immediately that it’s a bad explanation so I tell him about the Greeks and Sirens.

He listens then pauses for a moment after I finish the story.

Kid: “Well… I’m enchanted by potatoes.”



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