Eavesdropping on the Roots of Sarcasm

Dropping quarters
on the Heads of
the homeless,

        "Doesn't it look sunny
        in the city?"

(the flesh can be torn so easily)

or these two,

        "Is Taylor still
        a doctor there?"

        "Yes. Dr. Taylor."

But, the most earnest thing
happened outside, just
outside Dream Fluff Doughnuts,
    slouched on his
    plastic, raving seat

        "Good morning."
Plump kin (of a sort)
were pushing to see
grease glass window
(dream guard).

but actually
the earnest rain
from his lips,

        "God knows what
         you know."
        "God knows what
         you know."

After he left,
those words rolled
into each other on
his seat,

so very vacant.

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