Yucca Brevifolia

Without motion,
my way eclipses driven with desperation.
Nine hours, eight hours,
four more before
Decent to the overburdened
At such time
the crux of burden subsiding
just into solar sleep.
Another eight hours,
likely less.

The night before, we could have been
lazily methodical or
without concern
as we acted, though we weren't
because plant toxins
vividly put-out the vacant sun.

Further East, Holy Lands
poison wind with belief,
the way people decompose innocence.
Lead into this valley, innocence
grows deep, quickly plunging from
molten sand -- filling the space
of a breath taken in collective decomposition.
I'm decomposing a different way.
A way fruitful by blunt, rote opposition to chance.
while descending my near East valley
which rolls under my eclipse --
aloud, myself to absent-me.

Arrival at last         flurries
of lost urgency.
Signs encrusted with "caution" for the
speed of sand, caught by valley-crazed winds,
themselves impotent (visually) --
sands rising high
the way of excited blood.

I, on the evaporating edge
of my toxins, pass through
excitement. Sand and brush
motif for vision on the solar awakening.
I won't know this for a day 'till
sleeping twice the extent of toxins. All agreements
decompose with patience.
What beginning requires agreement
without first naming discord?

Forests are in the desert too.
The valley spills this secret
on swallowing my eclipse.
Trees: unexpected short-sky pillars
bead excitement in sandy rain
rivulets. Down their trunks
they are Millennial contortionists.
Pre-empting discord, they light
my blood.
Leading, they excite petrified blasts
from limb-tips toward the
new naïve hours back, so that
I descend the valley
never naming chance.

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