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3. Interpreting Results

All schemes played should be done with the intent solely on the play of the game. One can thus be concerned only with the action of the moment. All future occurrences are experienced in the exuberance of surprise, and only as the moment becomes present. Past and future cease to be considerations. The detachment from conscious reality sends players to that foggy, electrical, inner and outer space. That place where the player can best experience infinity (next to death). It’s the pad where the mysterious sub/unconscious mind lounges. The place where the collective soul is seen dozing on its waterbed… The Overset.

Please note that the players’ preferential objects can ultimately be substituted for anything already suggested in the game board. Note also, that everything written herein may be important but it should be equally important to the player, that many explanations and instructions have been purposely left out or made vague. Reasons for this will be discovered as the player grows more proficient at playing the game.

I’ve created this game with the hope that people will not only play alone but also with others. The beauty of this game is that players become more aware of the natural abilities humans exhibit toward empathy and telepathy. Telepathy is not so dirty as to be just a transfer of words, images, and thoughts; without using touch, sight, sound, taste, or smell. Telepathy exists in the ultimate awareness of being. When in the company of others in such a state of ultimate awareness, people are capable of interaction that is unlike verbal conversation. Because of the architecture of the game everybody becomes aware of a link to everybody. This is coming to understand that there is only one. what need is communication for a “one?” None. Understand one’s own state of being and by virtue of the understanding, one will understand the state of being for all. We have more senses than we often guess we do, and it is worthwhile to experiment with their utility. There is an Infinite Plurality of One. As a human, love.

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