Last Holiday

Travel asks about itself. Directions take us and we direct less than we know. Snow drifting where prescience picked up mobility, it seeds cold strategy Passing over too-fast Routes anyone fits this downdrift. No temperature. strolling, we touch little guides ice-charmed handrails, calls from doubled entrances, and replicas of the first Indications warm a returned wan ... continue reading

To Head Home

Bird-dance white she, the unheeding woman Rhythm but Everyone else stands or sits. Along a divide of people high-hums old spirit metal premises made new for commuters. A group stares down minding the rails, knowing the rails just Wait. from one heaven angle two Parallels bare sweating rails. emergent rustup the heaven angle, backward Parallel from the ground. down in reverse as ... continue reading

Worm ‘N’ Shiny Shampoo

keep out of the reach of eyes. heavy bleeding is a natural side effect. plus sized models should not use if pregnant or hungry. you will now only drink coke, for it is your favorite beverage! many and tar build-up lack of wash with bleachistry ng gheovn do tss bottesn rf. WORM’N’SHINY COCKTAIL! 6-gallons worm’n’shiny 1-tbls coke 1-gallon worm’n’shiny mix 1-signed 20 year subscri ... continue reading

Night Three Morning Four

Julie and I were special agents. We were in New Brunswick, Canada, in the winter. We were searching for some sort of entity – and had only a vague notion of what it was. We were inside a small sort of lab space, somewhat on a primitive scale. A smaller window allowed a vast field of snow; in a half-circle shape from our vantage point. The field was encompassed by tall, dark, trees that had lost their leaves i ... continue reading

4. Some Example Schemes – A Starting Point

Insert a scheme to the game board and observe as the pieces move through it. Scheme 1 – Language Abstraction Repeat a word over and over. Some words are more conducive than others are. Results may vary depending on the person or people playing. I find that this works best when repeated aloud. In this way, one can hear the sound of one’s voice very carefully pronouncing each, delicious, combination of l ... continue reading

3. Interpreting Results

All schemes played should be done with the intent solely on the play of the game. One can thus be concerned only with the action of the moment. All future occurrences are experienced in the exuberance of surprise, and only as the moment becomes present. Past and future cease to be considerations. The detachment from conscious reality sends players to that foggy, electrical, inner and outer space. That place where ... continue reading

2. Preparing The Game Board & Movement Of The Pieces

Begin like any other game. Set up the playing board as follows: A) Imagine a large globe shape. Imagine this shape in a forever-constant expansion. Imagine this expansion as omni-directional. The purpose of set “A,” is to engage the mind in a preliminary state of infinite understanding. To reach this preliminary stage it is necessary to have constant action a primary center of focus. Note that the p ... continue reading

Idea Toy

Contents 1. Prologue 2. Preparing The Game Board & Movement Of The Pieces 3. Interpreting Results 4. Some Example Schemes – A Starting Point 5. An Abridged Version Of The Game * I wrote Idea Toy some time ago. Perhaps I wouldn’t write it the same today–sometimes (as most anyone that looks back at old writing knows) portions feel cringe-worthy. Nevertheless its fun quality, in terms of p ... continue reading