Idea Toy

2. Preparing The Game Board & Movement Of The Pieces

Begin like any other game. Set up the playing board as follows:


Imagine a large globe shape.

Imagine this shape in a forever-constant expansion.

Imagine this expansion as omni-directional.

The purpose of set “A,” is to engage the mind in a preliminary state of infinite understanding. To reach this preliminary stage it is necessary to have constant action a primary center of focus. Note that the player might just as well imagine this globe, getting constantly smaller instead of larger. In general we perceive growth as an outward action especially if it is empirical in nature.


Look at hand.

Absorb the image of the hand’s shape into the imagination where the globe’s action is continuing.

Imagine the hand superimposed with the globe image.

Imagine the hand acting the same way as the globe. Both images will exist in a boundary-less imaginary space. In the following text, this space will be referred to as the “Imaginatory Scene.” The impression that one has in feeling as if one is actually in that scene and not just imagining it, will be referred to as being in the “Overset.”

Imagine that because the two are superimposed they might as well be the same object.

Because you have two distinct images, the objects do not actually seem to be the same. Distinction between these last two steps must now fluctuate back and forth so quickly that the player is unable to grasp either method long enough to single the other out. At this point it is very important not to choose either image as prominent over the other. The player must toss out all concepts of how matter works and trust that the super capabilities of the imagination allow two objects to occupy the same space at the same time.


With the actions in sets “A” & “B” continuing, add step “C.”

The fingers on the hand from step “B” acting with step “A” have become radio antennae.

The radio antennae are also expanding (use the same method for this action as was used in the previous steps).

The radio antennae are all the same, in that they are all antennae. Some are different looking from others but still recognizable by their similar purpose.


Draw into this imaginatory scene, radio waves.

The radio waves might as well be invisible but imagine them in a steady state of “if” (they could happen any moment).

Think of the radio waves as having the gracefully, chaotic texture of water waves.

After the radiowave-water has been successfully imagined, quickly and absolutely decide that it (the radiowave-water) is the same object as the globe.


Make sure that these first four steps have become an extremely well-oiled process of constant motion within the imaginatory scene.

The action should seem as if it were second nature before continuing to set up the pieces.

The playing pieces are set up simply by adding to the board the significance of each set’s steps. Action is board, significance is piece:

  1. The globe represents not only infinity itself but also infinite space.
  2. The hand represents humanity, life, energy.
  3. The fingers are the natural and often more empirically viewed divisions of life (these are not always empirical). The way we perceive separate entities, me from you, us from a dog or a rock, a fern from a fish, fog, faucet, or finite number.
  4. The antennae are the individual, core, soul bits within each of the fingers. Depending on their placement, shape, and size they will constantly pick up waves with different content. Like actual radio antennae, they will pick up certain waves much easier and/or proficiently than others.
  5. The radio waves are the active ingredients that join the previous pieces together into their functional unity of growth. The fact that they are seen as water waves concurrently shows how they can be of a swirled nature. The player might see the waves’ substance as constantly mixing itself differently, though always appearing to have that property of the water/wave shape. This illustrates recognition as well as fluctuation in emotions and personality.

For example: assume you as a human are the finger; your personality is the antenna; your soul is made of the radio waves; the hand is god or the universe; and the globe is infinity. Take this analogy to the extreme and believe that the relationship between all of these things is that they’re actually synonyms for each other. They’re all the same. Make sure to do this last step while staying within the ever continuous activity of steps “A” –“ “D.”

The player is now ready to insert a scheme to his/her game-board and allow the pieces to proceed with their moves…

No matter which scheme is played the original game board will actually begin to multiply. The scheme being played on the board should continue to be played. Simultaneously, numb forms of new schemes will develop simply from the galvanized start of play. Players should allow these numb forms to coagulate into familiarities (they will be familiarized when the player has successfully included them as additional schemes). It is irrelevant whether or not the player wishes to keep the boards separate. The boards will grow from each other and by the inevitability of the game’s action will join again. This step is an actualization of the IPO. Realize the IPO is not the end of the game. Once started, this game by its very nature can never end. I suspect that it may often be pushed to the back of one’s consciousness where it continues to be played.

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