An Impromptu Circus

A triangle of trees were lassoed with tough ropes. Each trunk, encircled with a padded harness, held itself stoically to the ground. Two men bounced, wobbled, and periodically traversed the rope between trees with grace. One floppy, determined child tried. Outside the triangle of tightropes, a woman practiced spinning a large hoop in a series of tricks. Sometimes she jumped through it, which caused her to drop it. A man juggled, imperfectly challenging the play of gravity.

These people appear, unexpected but welcome in our park on a glowing 16° C day. The girl continued to prop one leg on the tightrope but she never managed to get both simultaneously above it. A passerby audience paused between accidents. We watched one of the men bounce his rope into a swinging surf which he managed to ride in place, his legs moving and body keeping to a central spot. That impressed. With practice, someday these will be performers and the passersby will sit in a tent applauding.

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